Online Fundraising

Fundraising tips


Set up your fundraiser's profile


Once you have signed up to Run for the Herd, you can create your own fundraising page to share with your family and friends. Here you can add your own picture, set a target and share why you are taking part in the Virtual Running Festival.

Set a fundraising target


Your family and friends are more likely to sponsor you if they see you have a goal and they can help you reach it. Make sure your fundraising goal is ambitious but achievable. You’ll be surprised at the impact you can make once you get started. 


Lead the way in your fundraising by making the first donation. Nothing says commitment than backing yourself with a donation to your own page! Encourage your supporters to get behind you and let them know you are dedicated to achieving your goal.


Spread the word


This is the exciting bit. Get the word out to your networks (friends, family, work mates) that you’re taking on this event in support of the youth mental health organisation batyr.


Use social media to let everyone know you are taking part in Run for the Herd's virtual running festival. 


If you are happy asking people directly, try sending an email, we have created a template for you to use in our fundraising pack, it's on page nine. Alternatively, you chat to the people in your life and let them know what's motivated you to take part.


Keep people updated


Make sure you keep people updated on your progress with training & fundraising, get some pictures and share a story to let your supporters know how you’re doing.


Tag your training runs on Strava with Run for the Herd and add in the description of how your training is going.



Thank people

Never underestimate the value of saying a simple thank you. Use the batyr post event email template on page 6 of our fundraising pack, to send an email to all the amazing people that supported you to make your fundraising event a success.

More Fundraising Tips

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