Online Fundraising

Fundraising Top 10 Tips

For every 30 students in Australia, 7 will be dealing with a mental health issue, yet only 2 will reach out for support, leaving 5 suffering in silence. Every $25 you raise puts a young person through one of our batyr@school programs. Raise $250 and you’ll have put 10 young people through a program that smashes the stigma surrounding mental health and encourages a young person to reach out for help, when they need it.

1. Start with a self-donation

Nothing says commitment like a self-donation. By kicking off your fundraising with a donation to your own page, you will encourage your fundraisers to get the ball rolling and set the standard for donations to follow. 


2. Complete your profile

Upload a profile picture so people can find you on the website more easily and see who they are supporting. If you haven’t already, tell your story about why you are running for the herd and the difference you want to see. Personalised fundraising pages raise more than those that are not.


3. Spread the word amongst your herd

Use social media to let everyone know you are taking part in Runs for the Herd. You don’t need to ask people directly - just give people the opportunity to support you.


4. Email everyone you know

If you are feeling more comfortable asking people for a donation, send them an email. This will boost your total right away! Don’t forget to send a reminder email as well – often the reminder will raise even more than the first email! Check out our email suggestions in the fundraising pack on the event information page to help you get started.


5. Set a goal

Tell everyone how much you are aiming to raise and ask them to help you achieve your goal. Let your donors know that any amount makes a difference.


6. Share your passion

Your energy and passion to make a difference will motivate your supporters. Keep them updated with how your training is going and let them know how excited you are about batyr and smashing the stigma around mental health.


7. Ten for $10

Ask 10 friends, co-workers, neighbours and family members to give $10 each. Many small donations will soon add up. Remember, donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia!


8. $1 dollar for every kilometre

If you are feeling ambitious about your run, ask your donors to sponsor you a $1 for every kilometre you run. Track your run using fitbit or Strava and share the result with your supporters.


9. Salary matching

Check if your employer has a donation matching program to match what you raise.


10. Thank your supporters

After the festival, thank your supporters. Let them know how grateful you are for their support and thank them as personally as you can, regardless of how big or small their donation was. You can even send them an email directly from your profile page. There is an example email also in the fundraising pack on the event information page.